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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bang-Up Saturday

Here we see Beccano's drumline in a competition in Belton. They came in third, but did very well--they were quite overpowered by the 50-piece team from Cedar Park, which also had a fabulous drum major directing them (amazing job for a high school student). Our piece was "interesting" musically, but the alien touches they were supposed to be giving it didn't really come through, so that was the main issue. Musically, they sounded great. And it was the kids' dad's weekend in town, so he brought Tuba Boy over to see it, too. I know that made Beccano feel good.

We'd been in Belton Friday night for an unexpectedly exciting football game (both teams were not at their best, so there was much fumbling, intercepting and drama, though our school did "win." At least we knew where to go for this event, having been there already! There are lots more photos on Flickr, so click the image to see more, including some of the other schools.

After this, Lee and I wandered a bit in trendy and kitschy Salado. It was a bit late, so a lot of stores were closed or closing. We did look at some pretty jewelry, and I found a lovely ring I wish I could get for the engagement signifier, but being made of 18K gold and lots of it made it one expensive ring. And well, this is not the time for such purchases! I'll post a photo eventually (I have to find it again). I like the designer's style a lot, modern yet warm.

We did go to the lovely outlet mall and get some necessities and a couple of clothing items for my "fall wardrobe." Nice basics. It was good to spend some time together.

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