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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Football Faux Pas?

I am the first to admit I don't have any strong college football fanaticism. I attended the University of Florida AND the University of Illinois, yet on college day I had no orange and blue clothing I could wear (those were the colors of both schools).

But I did feel sorta bad last night when we were watching Florida State University, supposedly the arch rivals of the Flahda Gatahs (as my grandmother would have said). They said something like, "What a tough break for the scarlet and gold," and I looked up. WOOPS. I painted the whole media room in FSU colors. Well, I guess my mother, who was very proud of her one semester at FSU, would have been proud. And certainly I will not be repainting in orange and blue any day soon!!


Lee said...

Orange and Blue? Go Scorpions! (UT Brownsville) OK. Still no so much with the repainting again.

sandy said...

Glad my alma mater has a "classy" black and gold color scheme...and if anyone asked why Knights, I could make a WoW excuse. Go UCF.