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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cheery Gratitude

Rose's Poses
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I wasn't feeling too grateful earlier in the week, but today I'd like to say that I am grateful for Rose the Dog. She will no longer be Rose the Puppy in a few days, since she is just about 1 year old. Here she is in her hilariously relaxed position, revealing all her nether parts to the world. Even her gums are relaxed. Nothing is bothering her!

I really am glad she is around, because her loving ways do cheer me up, and if it weren't for going to get her one fateful weekend, who knows when Lee would have gotten around to asking me to go steady (hee hee). She is so fun to watch running up and down the stairs, putting her head in funny positions to try to get petted, and playing with the other dogs. And she ended up such a nice size--not too big, not too small.

Other than the destruction she has caused among my prized wooden furniture and the couch, she's been great. She sits, lies down and comes when called. She goes into her crate upon request. She even let me bathe her after her little episode with doggie pooparama. And, I THINK she is chewing less. I hope so. We have finally caught her a few times and let her know in no uncertain terms that it is NOT the thing to do.

So, I am glad Rose is in my life. She is something Lee and I sort of share.

Other Stuff

I guess everything's OK. Had to chat with Tuba Boy about running around with friends and not letting me know where he is. He genuinely didn't seem to realize he should let me know, but was grateful that we cared--compared us to friends' parents, one set of whom he labeled "not very good parents" and the other "they don't get along." I think he is glad to have people who care about him.

I worry about Lee a lot. It is a really rough time for him. Having to see his lovely former spouse (who seems to believe I am after him for his money, snort--she told him not to give me anything for three months--where does this come from???). Having to close on his old house. Having to keep trudging along looking for work and waiting for interview calls. All has to be pretty stressful. And he keeps helping around the house with the endless band errands, cooking, painting and generally being supportive. That's a lot. Well, at least he knows he's appreciated, 'cause he is!

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