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Monday, September 17, 2007

Need Attitude Adjustment!

Scrunchy Says Hi
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Whenever I need an attitude adjustment, I look at one of the pets, so here's a picture of a pet looking at me. Scrunchy is actually peering through Lee's legs here, which is a very common occurrence. At least you usually know when he's there by all the snorting. Both Lee and I are often startled to look down and see a black head with very white smiling teeth poked between our legs, which means the very stealthy Rosie has come to ask to have some attention, please. She is a very silent animal, so she can sneak up on you easily. Suddenly, under my knitting is a happy, shiny dog head!

Speaking of Rose, no longer a puppy, I think I finally have her attached to a toy that she LIKES to chew on, one of those knotted ropes. So she is getting praised when she carries it around or chews on it. The idea is to give it to her if we find her doing "other" chewing. She knows she can chew on ice, doggie chews, her nylabone thing, and this toy. Maybe that will be enough.

So, about this attitude adjustment...I am simply in a bad mood, and have been since yesterday morning. I have no clue whatsoever what brought it on. I am feeling very Jeff-like, in fact. Like I am crowded in the house, like nothing is set up MY perfect way, like no one is listening to MEEE. While the clutter is a bit high right now, which leads to the crowding feeling, none of the other feelings are based on any truth. I just feel edgy. I am pretty sure it is money and job worries that are being misdirected to being irritated at the kids and Lee.

I have to get the roof replaced, which will be covered by insurance, but there is a big deductible I do have to pay. And I hope to also get the trim on the house replaced, since it appears to be CRAP. And I can't keep waiting. This, on top of more band trip expenses and a car for Tuba Boy eventually...would all be fine if both of us had jobs.

So, let's all think extra happy positive thoughts with a positive attitude toward Lee getting the job or jobs he has an interview for this week--he is working very hard on a presentation for one.

In other us news, we announced that we were engaged at church. Got some nice congratulations plus more than one person who said, "I thought you said you'd never get married again." So, I STILL have to explain myself. It's all my fault, though. I really resent the whole patriarchal ownership aspect of marriage, and the folks who think that doing this one thing makes God like us now...not to mention that I feel pretty resentful that my gay friends who are just as committed as Lee and I are can't do this magical act that suddenly lets you get insurance, buy stuff together, ride buses and do all sorts of other useful things.

On the other hand, it's a good excuse for a party. Whenever we can afford one...that's anybody's guess right now!

So, if you know me personally and I have acted snappy or peevish, please accept my apologies, because I rarely am in a genuine "bad mood." I am trying to crawl out of it and be the sweet, supportive friend, mother and future wifey that I usually try to be.

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Sam said...

Hugs that the tides turn quickly. It's never fun to be in a funk.