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Monday, September 24, 2007

Snoozy Sunday

Gwynnie and Rosie Tug Away
Originally uploaded by sunasak
Sunday of this weekend was pretty calm for me other than whacking a small child on the head opening the bathroom door at church. It opens out, right by the entrance, and you know how small kids cling to the edges of passageways. I felt bad about that. But, i managed to sing soprano, and very much enjoyed our choir director's son playing complex jazz piano improvisations before and after the service. Dang, that child is talented (guess having two pro musician parents helped). He plays oboe, guitar and piano that I know of, all rather overly well. Glad he's a music major.

The photo today is of Sunday morning fun for Gwynnie and Rosie. It just warms my heart to see the old blind dog with someone to play with. Her favorite game has always been tug-of-war with one of these chew toys, and Rose is so sweet about it, bringing her the toy and helping her find it when it drops. I am also pleased at Rose's chewing on this item for the last couple of weeks. If you look closely at the furniture in the photo, you can see what she was chewing on before. I hope we can fix up my nice chairs, sigh.

My Sunday was mostly spent knitting and watching football (which is good--I needed to recharge, very much), while Lee and the boys went to get more stuff from Lee's old house. I think I hadn't quite realized I was going to have to figure out some way to incorporate so much additional stuff into the house. I must have conveniently blocked that fact from my mind. But, I will keep moving things and getting rid of some of my stuff so we will have space. I think there's just one giant china cabinet left. I think I can rearrange things so it will fit. I know there's room in the cabinets for the china, anyway.

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