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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Is Here

Front of House, Fall 2007
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Yes, we've equinoxed, and what is amazing about this photo is that the grass is green and all the plants growing and healthy. All that rain in June really made a difference.

Our house is spruced up inside, for the most part, but we have to get moving on the outside. We should be getting a roof in the next week or two, and if Lee gets a job soon, I'll bite the bullet and contract to get that nasty looking trim replaced and painted. I want it to look nice and be in good shape.

Lee has a good prospect for a job back at ALE. They have changed the rules, so he can be a contractor. Seems to me that it isn't all that fiscally brilliant to lay someone off, then beg them to come back as a contractor at higher rate of pay (more than making up for the lost benefits). It's just moving items around so it LOOKS like the head count is reduced. They still have to get the work done, and need workers. Sigh. But, I'm all for anything that pays well at this point!

Long night ahead. First a week bit o' knitting then Parent Night, and I have to see all those teachers who have issues with Beccano. I really don't want to be at that school (doesn't help that I noticed Lee is not listed as chaperoning ANY band trips the rest of the year). It's also Beccano's first day with the therapist to help him with his issues. Hope that works out. She is really good and helped him a lot in the past, so I have hope that with all the techniques the school district wouldn't let her use when she was there, he will do better. On his own. I am helping but not doing stuff for him!

If you want to see a sweet photo of my boys and some nice words by Lee, check out his blog post from a day or two ago. Actually, his blog has been really nice to read recently, so I do hope you will check it out if you have time.

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