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Monday, September 10, 2007

Nice Family Weekend

You can see what we did Friday night--what thousands of Texas families did: traveled somewhere to see their children participate in the great Texas high school football ritual. Beccano and I rode an unairconditioned school bus to Temple, over an hour away (takes even longer in a bus convoy). Tuba Boy was on a better bus, while Lee got a ride up, but suffered with me on the bus home.

But, I love chaperoning the kids, and I love sitting with the band and enjoying the pageantry and fun. The sousaphone section made the lovely "Go Mavz" (that's teen talk for "Mavericks") out of water bottles, and we let it stay until the end, when they very kindly cleaned it up and put it all in garbage bags, without being asked to. It was Beccano's first game as a band member, and you can see that he was having a blast, though not working on his posture.

And we won against a team we were predicted to lose badly to, even after 5 interceptions in the first period. My favorite player, a very enthusiastic and fast kid named Aaron Williams, ended up playing on defense, offense and special teams (he took over as QB for a while) until a late hit on his amazing touchdown run hurt him. After that he "only" played defense. Both teams actually played with impressive energy, especially since it was pretty darned hot. Neither team ever gave up, and they mostly had really good sportsmanship. So, we had a lot of fun.

I must say our band was better, even though our show is a bit weird. Nightmares is an odd theme for a marching presentation.

The boys cheerfully helped Lee move more stuff out of his old house on Saturday, leaving me lots of fun yarn store time.

Sunday we survived singing a rather atonal round, livened up by recorder solos, then had a family photo taken for the church directory and a rehearsal for Tuba Boy, who is playing (duh) tuba in some patriotic medley later this month. I'll share a photo of that later.

Lee worked his buns off straightening up the garage and organizing all the stuff he's brought in, though we did a bit of football watching in the evenings. Our house is eventually going to be really nice, if we can just fit everything in.

Keep your fingers crossed for Lee's job possibilities, please. We hope to hear stuff this week. And I hope it is good stuff.

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