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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today's Update, and Wee Announcement

I have spoken or emailed with a few of the parents involved in volunteering with the school band, and so far everyone is in total agreement that Lee would be fine as a chaperone--even that he probably qualifies as a guardian, since he is on all the school forms and is the adult male in the household the children reside in. Of course I made my points rationally and calmly.

I was encouraged to phone the band director, who is the person who made the not-so-hot decision based on not-very-good criteria, so I did (thank goodness I got voicemail). I was all reasonable, but I hope sounded hurt and upset. I made it clear that he has, at this point, lost long-term qualified volunteers.

I have not heard back yet.

The other thing is that Lee and I decided that we are now officially engaged, which I hope will help with some of the discrimination and negative vibes I keep getting. Doing stuff like that always makes me feel a bit like I have sold out to peer pressure or something. We do not love each other any more or less now, nor are we more or less committed to spending our lives together. But, a public declaration might legitimize us in the eyes of some--whose opinions really don't matter to me until they infringe on my ability to live my life (like ride the bus).

All along we talked about doing a ceremony, but I think we'd hoped to wait until a year past our personal commitment time, and to be honest, I'd like to wait to spend money on a nice party and such after the current set of car and house expenses is settled and Lee is gainfully employed again. This just doesn't seem like a great time for optional spending, and if I am going to do something, I want do so something nice. I have already lived through two low-budget weddings. Not that I want a high-budget thing now, but I could perhaps make a few nicer choices. Well we can work on all that later. At least it sounds like something fun and positive!

And in that vein, I'd like to ask you to please send good thoughts to Lee, who has more interviews coming up. And to Jeff's lovely mother Rose, who is very, very ill, but improving last I heard.

I think we are going out to Artz again tonight to hear some music and maybe see Lee's old friend. We can celebrate the new status.

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Robin said...

I think you should have your engagement party in NJ next July while visiting with all your spirit sisters!