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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, this was a great Samhain. I had the second most fun day working ever (the first, for those of you who will laugh knowingly upon reading this, was the last day of the LLLI Conference in 2001). ALE was a veritable festival of fun, at least the third floor of this building. One entire department had decorated their whole area with a complicated pirate theme, and they ALL came as pirates. And they had a very creative "gross" dessert contest.

Our department was not quite that organized, but we had a BLAST. Work Man, I swear, worked exactly two hours, the two phone calls he had to do. I spent most of the day following him around or vice versa, but at least did more work than that. That's us in the picture. The scary guy on the far left is Heath, then there's Work Man, then me, then Chatty Kathy. She is a flying kitty, which was vey funny since she is on crutches. She could fly but not walk. Work Man wasn't sure what he was, but I braided a worms into his hair and that made the outfit extra special. Eventually he smiled with the dracula teeth on and it was hilarious. So he became the Happy Reaper. I was a politician (person in business suit with devil head). Heath tied my tie beautifully, so the Older Boy can use it for debate, later. Eventually I became a bloody politician after Work Man diligently applied bloody gashes on my feet (from fleeing opponents) and some festering wounds on my hands from shaking too many. Well, you had to be there.

We had a costume party in the afternoon, judged by the big bosses and their Chicks in Charge. I actually won funniest costume, which came with a $25 gift check and a lovely ribbon. Work Man won most original (thanks to my smiling idea). All the costumes were great, and I will share an URL so you can see more.

Well, I am going to stop here and go to a meeting, but I will continue, because I had a lot of fun all day, then with the kids, then with DP and trick-or-treaters...then interesting work the last couple of days.

I am told, btw, that I am one of the 5 people being interviewed for the job. Fingers crossed, everyone.

translation: this was the most fun day of my life, and Lee's too. However, the closest we came to hanky panky was touching fingers in a photograph. Still in best friend mode.


jody said...
Incredibly exciting news about the job interview!There was a gross desert at Ruta on Tuesday: aluminum foil pan with grape nuts and small brownie 'plops' with a kitty litter scoop. It was the most disgustingly real thing I've ever seen. There was no way I was going to try them, though The Guy said they were tasty.
Friday, November 03, 2006 2:45:00 PM

Barbara said...
Love the costume! I will have to remember that one in two years, when there is likely to be a rather, um, spirited political climate. fingers crossed for you, too!
Friday, November 03, 2006 9:23:00 PM

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