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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Yes, It Is STILL Going Well Here!

It has been a VERY nice past few days. The best news is that I get to interview for the job in my department. I am really looking forward to it, and have been preparing as well as I can, asking others for insight, figuring out my weaknesses and strengths and all that. I am really sure I'd do well at the job, excel even. I just have to make sure that is clear to all SIX people I interview with. Whew. I was told to drink Red Bull.

I have had so much fun at work that it is ridiculous, and lots of opportunities to demonstrate that I can cope well with change and ambiguity. Like when our whole project got canceled on Friday after we were 99.9% done. We just said, well, that will give us stuff to work on in the next version! Let's get on it! I am really, really happy with my team. They are so great to work with and have the right attitude--mix of joy and concentration. And, with the new toll road, evil as it may be, it only takes TWELVE minutes to get to work.

The second best news of the week is that the Younger Boy did well in the school "Reflections" contest and gets to move on to the next level, whatever that is (district?). He did a computer-generated image of a place in Ireland, and it was just beautiful. I am so happy for him, that he is getting recognition for his art work.

Had a good weekend, too. Sandy showed up on Friday, which was a good day all around, since I was finished with my hours by 1:15 so Work Man and I could have a nice lunch at a good restaurant (where the waitress, Amy Jo, liked us so much she introduced herself and shook our hands) to talk about the upcoming work stuff a bit. After that I had time to go hang out and knit a while, then go home and say hi to the family, then go get Sandy! We sat a long time in a bad traffic jam due to an accident, but eventually got to the football field, where she got to meet my lovely boss and her family, plus my third son, the tuba boy from Deerpark. The team was horrible, and it was cold, so we left early and came home to chat with DP and relax.

Yesterday Sandy went with me to something ONLY a parent should have to experience, the middle school regional band auditions. Percussion Dept. But, we wanted to support the younger we stayed quite a while. Later his dad showed up and took over. Poor Former Husband barely saw the Older Boy, who spent the entire weekend at another debate tournament. Finally won a match, too!

Then we went to Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe and knitted. I got Sandy to knitting--she must have been the last holdout of my friends from the former job that hadn't learned to knit yet. She did great, and got to meet many of the usual folks, though a lot were out of town for a quilt show. Even an old friend from church and her red-haired daughter came by, which they hadn't done in months. Toward the end of the day, I had a huge sweater class, which was very fun and I think got them all started on their top-down raglan sweaters. I, of course, messed up starting mine, but it looks good now that I re-did it. My old pal Lisa showed up, which was extra special, too.

We did a tarot reading for Katie after the shop closed, and it was an interesting one, I think. It was funny, because I was sooo tired when I started, but once I was doing the reading I got energy back--I really think I use a totally different part of my brain for tarot than knitting. I hope Katie remembers to email me at the yarn shop address so I can send her my phone number, hint hint. Next I will do one for Lisa when she is in town again.

Speaking of tarot, readers of that blog will know that last night was the big "Yearly Tarot Reading" event, where I had five lovely friends join me in a little gathering for tarot and adult beverages. I didn't want to adult beverage before my own reading, so I made them wait. Such an overbearing person I can be when I am all nerved out about something! Thankfully I loosened up (perhaps too much), but dang, Tina's desk cracked me up. There will be more on the other blog. But suffice to say, we had good food, good fun and a nice time. It seemed the ones who hadn't met each other yet got along fine, and that was great. Thanks to all who could make it!

Today we went to church and it went well. Sandy got to see some of the people she had met before at conferences and stuff, which was nice. Then I got her to the airport in record time (new roads plus Sunday equals smooth driving). After that, I have been talking to church friends all afternoon. Looks like added to my tasks will be helping transition the church website to a new webmaster, since the one who was doing it after me left without a lot of discussion or planning, and they didn't do any transition. Thank goodness I don't have to DO that job--it took hours and hours every month, which I just no longer have. The bad thing is that someone heard me say I was going to update the Coffeehouse site, which I did do, and thought I had said the church site. Of course they told LOTS of people. Sigh. One reason for all the calls.

I am going to be busy in the next few weeks. My singing group decided to reform. What. Ever. I'll show up and sing what they want to sing. Maybe see if Work Man really wants to be dragged into that morasse. Since he said he hates rehearsing and Bill LOVES it, probably it's not a great fit. But it would be nice to have someone with more pro experience, but not to the level of DP, who is so professional he's way above amateurs like us! And I said I would sing with the choir for the holiday show. And sell old scarves at the Yule Fest, though I can't be there, so my friend Katherine will do it for me. And there's a work gathering Saturday night, and a wedding coming up, too. Whee. A social whirl.

I have a new sock photo, but of course can't get it to show up. Will upload to Flikr and try again tomorrow!

translation: at this point, I am thinking that I am in big trouble, because NOW I like Lee a lot. I am figuring I will have to channel that carefully into acceptable areas of liking. There is no touching going on other than the one hug. I have not mentioned anything on this topic to Lee, at all. Just smiled a lot.


Anonymous said...
Dear Sue Ann,I come and read here periodically and see how your are doing, and realized I have turned into one of those lurker types, so figured I better say something. Wishing you good luck on the interview is a good excuse. Hope you and the mispelled Sandy had a nice time.Sandee
Sunday, November 05, 2006 10:28:00 PM

Sam said...
I love reading about the wonderful happiness that is your life! I love your new socks too. They look really neat. I have never tried socks before. Baby blankets are about as complex as I typically get.Take care
Monday, November 06, 2006 2:44:00 PM

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