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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Profitable Partying

You just never know where a party will take you.

I went to a gathering of folks from ALE -- contractors and former contractors from my department. A nice bunch of people, and we don't all get to see each other much since we have split off to various other places. I'd been a bit concerned, since some of the attendees had applied for the same job as me, and I'd have to deal with the person who "went off" on me on Friday. But, I dealt with my headache remnants and showed up with all my food products and a smile.

It went pretty well--just had to not engage that one attendee every time she said, "Friday was hell," which she said a lot. I enjoyed talking to all the people I don't see much--all interesting women. At some point after dinner, we were talking about fashion and G. said that one day she had gotten chilly and gone to the "scarf store in Sue Ann's car." Everyone perked up and said, "You have a scarf store in your car?" and I said, yeah, actually, I do--because I have all those consignment scarves I was gonna sell at Yulefest in there, riding around. They begged me to go get them, so I did. It was pretty funny to watch them all flinging scarves around. They'd put one on, look in the mirror, come back, get opinions. They seemed to have a great time. I was slightly uncomfortable about selling them stuff at a party, so I priced them lower than I normally would (but at least paid for the yarn). I left with about $200 I didn't have when I went, which will be nice holiday money! Lots of funny pictures were taken, so I will be sure to share then when I get them! I DO hope the photo of me chewing was DELETED.

PS: I missed Jody and Cheri at the yarn shop yesterday. It was really quiet.

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