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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Slightly Better

Sorry about yesterday, dear readers. I am processing a lot, so it makes me vague. Ah well, for once I am dwelling on something that renews my spirit and all that stuff.

I did want to recommend the CD/DVD that DP got yesterday, the Beatles Love. The first song alone, oh my. A capella version of "Because." In surround sound it is totally mind-blowing, like the lyric in the song. So, go buy it for a friend or yourself!!

In honor of the CD:

Love is old, love is new,
Love is all, love is you.

Succinct, huh.

translation: We talked some more. We realized we cared deeply about each other. And we laughed a LOT about the stuff we had not mentioned to each other for fear that the other one would not understand. Mostly this was about laughing and not having to constantly try to not show we cared. I believe there were a few hugs that day. We did not make any plans. No kissing. Held hands in a restaurant.


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