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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Puppies Are Cute

Duh, of course puppies are cute. I got back a while ago from helping Work Man pick up his new puppy. Her name is Rose, and she is a little black and tan fluffball of indeterminate origin. We got her a little collar with roses on it at the pet store, too. I got to do lots of fun stuff like go to the tractor store, too. We got to drive way, way into rural Burnet County to get the puppy, too, so I saw lots of llamas, longhorns, horses and such. And a lot of goats.

There were even very cute goats right next to Work Boy #1's house (where the dog came from--he and spouse do puppy fostering).

It was fun to meet all the dogs and puppies at Work Boy's, and we were relieved that they didn't get too weirded out by me coming out to get the dog. It just helped to have someone to hold her on the way home. And Work Man and I needed to chat. It's good to chat with nice scenery going by, rather than in a cubicle.

This was not what I expected to do today, but it's a good thing, all in all! The only other major day highlight was singing soprano in choir today. It is not all that bad singing melody once in a while.

translation: I neglected to mention that we decided to be a couple on this day, right here. This is the day. And we kissed. The decision was that the next item on the agenda was talking to roommates and partners about this. Please note that I didn't plan any of this.

April 2007: It's funny that what is probably the most important day of my life really didn't say much about it, and no one even commented. I am glad to have Lee.

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